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Remote Control Freedom
Imagine being able to change the channel and have full access to all of your entertainment components from a room away. Or maybe you'd just like to see a clutter-free entertainment area while still maintaining control over your tucked away components. Well, with the NextGen Remote Extender, this is all finally possible! Use it to de-clutter entertainment stands and create the home theater that you’ve always wanted. The NextGen Remote Extender uses radio frequency to extend and transmit a regular infrared remote control’s signal up to 100 feet away from the receiver. Since there's no need for a direct line-of-sight to the receiver, it can even work through walls, doors, windows, and floors. Try one and see for yourself!

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Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit, remoteextenderplus Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit

With 2 available frequency models, you can have up to 2 Plus units (one of each frequency model) in a single 100-ft. radius. When using the appropriate accessories, each kit can control up to 6 components.

433 MHz Price: $49.99

Remote Extender Genius Receiver Kit, REMOTEEXTENDERGENIUS Remote Extender Genius Receiver Kit

Designed with 6 sub-channels of a single frequency, you can have up to 6 Genius units in a single 100-ft. radius. With the appropriate accessories, each kit can control up to 12 components.

List Price $119.95
Sale Price $59.99