Creators of the Next Generation Remote Control Extender

Since 2002, NextGen has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality audio/video products such as the award-winning, patented Wireless Radio Frequency Remote Extender, which allows you to easily convert an existing infrared remote control into a remote with radio frequency capabilities. This allows the user to send signals to electronic devices without the "line-of-site" requirements of a standard infrared remote control. We also offer high performance HDMI connectors and cables suitable for a variety of applications, including your home theater system. NextGen takes pride in offering unique audio/video product solutions for both residential and commercial markets.

Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit, remoteextenderplus Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit

With 2 available frequency models, you can have up to 2 Plus units (one of each frequency model) in a single 100-ft. radius. When using the appropriate accessories, each kit can control up to 6 components.

433 MHz Price: $49.99
Remote Extender Genius Receiver Kit, REMOTEEXTENDERGENIUS Remote Extender Genius Receiver Kit

Designed with 6 sub-channels of a single frequency, you can have up to 6 Genius units in a single 100-ft. radius. With the appropriate accessories, each kit can control up to 12 components.

List Price $119.95
Sale Price $59.99
Remote Extender Plus RF Transmitter, remoteextenderplusTX Remote Extender RF Transmitter Battery Pack

Use this RF transmitter to add radio frequency signals (418 or 433 MHz) to a component's remote control for use with the Remote Extender Plus!

List Price $24.99
6-Eye Infrared Emitter Accessory Cable, remoteextenderplus6eye 6-Eye Infrared Emitter Accessory Cable

Use this cable with your existing NextGen Remote Extender device to help control up to 6 components!

List Price $19.99