Creators of the Next Generation Remote Control Extender

Since 2002, NextGen has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality audio/video products such as the award-winning, patented Wireless Radio Frequency Remote Extender, which allows you to easily convert an existing infrared remote control into a remote with radio frequency capabilities. This allows the user to send signals to electronic devices without the "line-of-site" requirements of a standard infrared remote control. We also offer high performance HDMI connectors and cables suitable for a variety of applications, including your home theater system. NextGen takes pride in offering unique audio/video product solutions for both residential and commercial markets.

Remote Extender Plus RF Transmitter, remoteextenderplusTX Remote Extender RF Transmitter Battery Pack

Use this RF transmitter to add radio frequency signals (418 or 433 MHz) to a component's remote control for use with the Remote Extender Plus!

List Price $24.99
Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit, remoteextenderplus Remote Extender Plus Receiver Kit

With 2 available frequency models, you can have up to 2 Plus units (one of each frequency model) in a single 100-ft. radius. When using the appropriate accessories, each kit can control up to 6 components.

433 MHz Price: $49.99
6-Eye Infrared Emitter Accessory Cable, remoteextenderplus6eye 6-Eye Infrared Emitter Accessory Cable

Use this cable with your existing NextGen Remote Extender device to help control up to 6 components!

List Price $19.99
Remote Extender Genius Receiver Kit, REMOTEEXTENDERGENIUS Remote Extender Genius Receiver Kit

Designed with 6 sub-channels of a single frequency, you can have up to 6 Genius units in a single 100-ft. radius. With the appropriate accessories, each kit can control up to 12 components.

List Price $119.95
Sale Price $59.99